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' S. Francis & Co. 


Sprinsfirld. Illinois. Junr 10, 1*13, 


HENRY CLAY, of Kentucky. 

Whig Candidates for Congress. 
J. l/d. MORRISON. 

justin s iiTrlan. 

cypus d walker. 



brother of the Chicago Democrat, has over- 
acted in procuring his nomination for Con- 
gress. The case is pretty plain that he 
packed the Convention for his benefit. In- 
stead of that Convention mooting to deliber- 
ate, they met simply to carry into effect an 
arrangement made by Weniworth and a few 
others, t.iL'n'c liim the nomination. 

Every observing man must have long 

1C eda considerable portioi 
ts of the 4th District too 

idge Harlan is the very man tc 
tins District in Congress. He h 

^lic.l pnii,:, jiii/s. In these r.'spe.. 
mipodeof his opponent. Am 

not unnecessarily conne- 

1 as honest men will ap- 
ple of the 3d District can 

His long residence with 

s uch per-'.n lin- believed ttiat ne was 

by Wentworlh— and that as a matter 
ty he should shine for his benefit. 1 

and the result was, that when the Convex 
tion met, Wentworth had a majority 

that the Convention had been thus packed. 

had not been consulted — that Dr. Murphy 
and hia lrn.-t).Js, "iliidrew from the C 

Another fact in relation to this mall 
be well slated. Dr. Murphy and Col. Went 

candidates in the 4th District. To destroy 
Murphy — to blast him in the estimation of 
the people of the District, as wo havo reason 
to believe, a most infamous charge was pub- 
lished in the Democrat against him — nothing 
less than a charge of Sodomy against Dr. 
Murphy. While Murphy was attending to 
his duties as a Representative of Cook and 
Lake counties in th« Lcgislaturo, two hun- 
dred miles from home, this charge was pub- 
lished in the Democrat, and scattered over 
l he whole District. What was its obvious 
„\,\<:c\ and effect J Its objoct was to rende, 

unquestionably, by prostrating Dr. Murphy 
temporarily, at least, bad ilsinSuence loolo- 

■inco tho chargeswero met and refuted by 

t on his part. We are 

a district, and visit the 

opinion of sevoral gontlei 
who are familiar with tho stato of pu 

feeling in the third O'ongi clonal Di.iinci, 
that with a duo degroo of industry Judge 
Harlan will be elected- 

03-Neiiher Vermillion, Champaign or 
Iroquois Counties were represented in tho 
Whig Congressional Convention at Ottawa. 
The object of tho locos in nlladimg ilu'-u 
counties to the 4th District, was to swallow 

riff syslom, with ineidi.-nt-il pmUclii.ii to 
lild up manufactures ! Van Buren, John- 
n and all are for such a tariff— but they are 

-am-4 tln.> high pressure protective tariff the 


Our agricultural readers will r:collect that 

may justly feel .proud in casting his 
He is "every inch a whig" — acourleo 
duslrious, and able man—above tho low arts 
of tho demagogua— just such a man as the 
people of the 4lh District rcquiro to rcpre- 

evinced 'in 1840 — and 

friends in Ver- 

energies they 
llieir sweeping 
of priueiplo in 

i retaken aud returned to his prison. 

er buy thoarticle from 

Why was tbii 

pise on the West lor President, 
e not the agencies estiibtislwJ 
of law ?— Can any of our brothi 

/ dislike to see goods sold for loss than I 

/on tho nup.-rled article. Il gues tin- lie 
heir emiro theory. They want 

Tli.- Shnlby [Ky.) News, slates IhnL Mr. 
Richard Voung.of Jessamine county, has 

old a portion of his hemp, of lust yeur't 
Top, at tho Boston Navy 1 uM, tur V-iHtipc. 


The loco foco party while Mr. Van Buren 
was President, bankrupted the Government— 
spending millions upon millions beyond the a- 

These facts appear from the following data : 
When Mr. Van Buren went into office.there 
were six millions in (he Treasury ; ho also 
look and spent eight millions of stock in the 
U. S. Bank, owned by Government ; he also 
used up the fourth instalmont due to the 

went out of office, he had issued of Treasury 
notes, which were unredeemed,^ and a half 
,>n/t inns— making an expenditure during ilio 
four years be was President, beyond the a- 
mount of revenues received during the same 
period of about THIRTY MILLIONS OF 

This is not all. When President Harri- 
son was inaugurated, March 4, 1841, the out- 
standing appropriations made under Mr. Van 
Baron's administration amountnd to about 

mount of the liabilities of government during 

(KT'Fheloco focos are opposed t 

OCrO. B. Ficklin, the loco candidate for 
the 3d district, mado a speech at Shelbyville 
on tho 15lh instant. Gen. Thornton wm 

This Mr. Calhoun the Register will sup- 
port cheerfully, if nominated for President of 
the United States. 

..140,320 29. Tho a 

03-Mr. Walkeh has taken tho tield in the 
6th District. The Warsaw Message says- 
Jhnl his speech in Warsaw, was happy, elo- 
quent and convincing. Wo seo it stated in 
the Register that Col. Richardson of Schuy- 
ler replied to Mr. Walker, at Carthage, and 
used him up ! Whew 1 

IF /lie- Convention. 

Til CONGRFSSin\Al. nivi 

pu P Q g Cl BndJ.W.NorriBB,. 

;-'| ^<". (j D.iws, George iv.IUcoUr, 

^nir:;::, 1 ;,;-;,:;,;::;;:!:, ;,:::,:; 

goo*. Now is ikeiitiie I 

"',,'' ' 

Aj .Cpl«oii Majiiifac«nre». 

™,s ih.uLy k„",; ::;!',;;';; ',',;;.:,;:;, ';,";,";," 

', ' J 1 1 ' ', j '„,,:, of 1B13 „,l 

r."h k |nb°nd.° '""'""•> 'l»»«ik»" "' lb- | ' l .'.','"; - ' ' r ,11 



li" II i"\i'.i s'tiiy! 1 ' Tin 

r l • I Iv I "t 


»"»« bM b'tb" ° eC """" 

! '.'.' . v.'-.. ',',"", ''■'i. , .!"'.i. , »'ii'i„'."ii*,T.u' 

«...,..„ i. i. „,i., .„.»;..„«.,.,,„., .,,:-. 

r'ub','"i' I'',,',""'' ','i " '""I""" 

i.yin.h.tnd pr.,.. .«( l„ c h „llj 

... ,;..:., ,,. I »,.. j on .ln;i i ,.,..!■ :■■,. .1 :l ■ < u..,p: * 

ir";."^";.? « vz 

the value of iho I,ind Trade on ilio Uppor 
Mississippi. Shall this trado bo sccrific 
to carry out the theoretical doctrines 

think the miners should leave ihoir diggings 

roady ovor-produclioosof ngriculturo. 

The discussion which has grown out of 

the TnnlT<i iciiio'i, shows our opponents or. 
this aubj'.'.-t. ns "Oil .i.h un imny "-.hers, lok' 
a parly without princtp'es. This is most 
cle.irlv illustrated in tho answers ol Mr. 
Riclianruj, clcn. Caai, Col. Johnson, nmt 
Mr. Calhoun, to tho Indiana comrmitce, pub- 
lished in thcSlalo Register o( tho 5ih inst. 

ciftlo whirli [!,,.-y ;i |! in common on this 
subject. And yet tho parly are ploJ^-.J !;■ 
h'ljiport oi'.ltor <jI';Ii.-so D I'ur lVtfidi'ii! v. .., 

of the "Demo- 
r opponents 

,;;!,'; ;'!.a,^^"=."^'-■^'-T'.o^ , ;;!;v^;:.: n w ^l r , ivV 

• N..ti..nil C,nv< 

erlook back to tho docinnoa of iho Slol.^ 

Iif.'<>ii thif aubjoct. If tho Rwisr . ■■■ 
to be Ueli'.-v-'d. drjmwrri'.-y is agoinst all pro- 
tection to our manufacturing interests. S ;.*.; 
is the Register's democracy. Now «' 
iho democracy of Col. Johnson, '-llio 
Hero oflheTlmmos," on this point 7 
his lot lor, published in iho State Re| 


n X«;::-.: 

"V > uV.»" I " * .- J*«e*i . »y<»» f««« 

if Iho North, that he v. 
■mplaiy qualities in a 

dice ol Representor 

>!.,(,-. nnd ^Liliuu^h oi>[-ortum(i<.-;i hato n 
/icn, he has modestly Imt licnly, 

! ■■ ■. ■ ,.!,■, ii 'ly !,tl--l,-!.ni' l l I- 
' rally to the polls in th-'^.ir 

.11 -UN II MILAN, of Marshal, Clark I 

ih.rd Congressional Disir 

■ii turned to-.virdeGen. Thorn- 

attending the failure of t 

« '.= w.-t. ....... ..■»:... -I ... «'■';■»< g,, „ : ,|,:,. s whig friends. To avoid all sem- 

■ , ( i .-I.- 1 '.' !.''■■ 1i ,!'".' , ",l /,'* ,/',"-. 'w'j."''^ '■-'■':' : ' ■■ ■■■•■'' ' ■-■'-,' himself upon the people, i.e 

. ar-riiu. ,■'; .V:^j'f..'h ti.o.c mc'«-» .■! !.';. I lus :v.w, ui:l ■■. .:ii>uiio intr, he In? been stroiig- 

wl.uli woi.jve pco. mad o -.l.i- .■.■ )ous:ia;l |y 90 ] iC .ted to run , by influential individuals 

o place the name of ihie pentloi 

-!!,■. Keller clwr 

During th: Mlling of iho Co 
county, at Pittsficld, Mr. Bhown 
candidate for tho Otli District, > 
ahlo speech to tho people. Wo 

Wo feel grout pleasure in referring to ihc 

Whig candidates for Congress. The selec- 
tions tiro excellent.. 'Ifclectcd, no State in 
the Union will he hotter represented. John 
J. Hardin, O. H. Browning, Cyrus Walker, 
Giles Spring, J. L. D. Morrison, and 
Justin Harlan, aro among tho most talent; 
ed citizens: uf Illinois. In point nf rpnlilicri- 
tions to represent our people in Congress, 

urtldo distance below thorn. 

(ttrThere is some troublo in I 
camp in tho fourth District. It 
aisled on by many of tho leading 
the parly that the Convention « 
ated Wcnnvorlh was "packed" 
'heir determination not to snppoi 
rea. Gen. Tuknev is a Candida 

The l;irgo-t County Convention over held 
in this State, recently camo otT in Madison 
county. The People thcro have taken such 

porting a whig county ticket. They know 
lhat the whiga are oftenor defeated by divis- 
ions lhan by numbors. There is n glorious 
Block of whigs in Madison county. 

The Knoxville (Tenn.) Register, slates 
that some of the loco foco candidates for the 
Legislature in tho counties in Hint winlibor- 


should dony and denounce all I 
trogtny 1 They put down the U. 
Mid civatr.l litters of Banks, whic 

the U.S. Bank, and understand what v 
hnvo done for you ! Down go their Bai 
biihhl.-s— tra'.lo is prostrated — industry pai 
alyzed — thousands are ruinud— produce is 
rotting on llio farmers hands 1 Whr 

Ranks have done — these rascally whig banks 
— owned by Wiiigs — i_Mt up by wings — mai 
aged by whi^i— and lor which vvhi^niv f . 
sponsible — although they denounced their n 
slitution— anticipated their effects— and 

selves?' 1 Tins di-tii)^;ii>!io.i d 

I'onnul his judgment liolii 'In 

if the whiga. 

Con^r.-,- ,„ li.n r„. t (]lfIriC1 . H e i« a ta, 
entod vo'iii.,- nnn—vorv [mpuhr— Mid wi 
g-o "handsome Bob" a hard run, if he doe 
no! '.oat in.n. Bob has nothing to save hir 
initios party. and the LirUme ),.■ has made i 

J. N. McDorjGAt, E=q. is tho loco nomine. 
for Congress far this Disirict. He was nom 
mated by the adjourned r 

on the first pagn of this paper. For i 
msJ^T^™^ frCf] " Cnl ! y s f ,eake in I wh^^ca'aTe puTirfto possession tf d«il- 

Does not the Herald kno 

lit.'cal f.-i.-nritr- 
Bankrupt law 

Col. Johnson is entirely opposed lo lh< 
views of bia democratic rival, John C. Cal- 
houn, in regard to the j-roj.-ct of lakin- rmli 
lary r° — ion "fO^-nn Territory. Th< 
Colon-I, in r'-nnrking uji'-n this ■-uLjort, a| 
luded to tho rapid growth of the Groat U'ost' 

"-'"if ,,.,,nl ,[,„:, w,„,M v „,n r „ H m,, 
'! '■ h M''mlain,---h-,t when wo lool 
n no «or lis w I ail ,1 .„ ,|., , 
would bau, ,, k,,I r.,.i.] n ero„[-,o l;„,] ;> 

tii" subject ; nod whi.-h ,s o-ilifi. -t by Hi. 
Slato !„■:,, . [[,,. L ., tluilll , ,], 


On the other hand, John C, Calhoun, an- 
chor g.-,i..nin diTno.-.atic candid.,!,., ivm- 

'" ''-J a;i.,..ib.-i t„ ti,,.),,-, ... .Npr-j-.-t — H.,,,1^ 
!rili-J, nnd ]-:ijir (; irjr | ,],..,, ,,' , 1|iy filth _ 
r liaiH.jfi.-i vdi.inr.! candidates for tho pom- 


n address 


loly hold in t 

llio fourth C 


ing frauds n 

schemes practiced i 

wliioh ho 


Co II. The 




of Monfomc 

bcle-vo i 

al 0. B. 


-a demon:,! 

>c-ilr |il:i\ 


mong his par 


The Register r, ,,tl_v denied lhat Shield: 

r Sh,i.|.].„r IteyiiMlus. The 

■■■ ■-..... ... ...... , .';.;. , . | :\; I ..;.'; || ;J;; : ; | |!".;.; | ;;.;J 

bol. Johnrok arrived in this city on Fri- 

N i oItHI? 11 ^ •■ ^ 

however much man v .,? iF,-,., ".r. S.V "jit'lW* 

-Ib urn mi H^al „,„„„,.., ,| 

ated his services in behalf of our common 

'-'n Su.inlay morning the thrso indepen- 

" I ' 'ill il r 

di-tii.L'UMi,oi v,., [ ,,/;r.,url! 1 \\?. ,, |!;^. l , ',"i' 

-Ue.-H, II, ov pro.- !,,] , ,| )f , ca pii |, ij 

was wv|.-, ,i,„-,] to our city b> a ncal cuns>r-,t. 

winch wan lolluwed l, v a Inn-: and in',OH:sliii(^ 
reply from Col. Johnson. TI,o ?p-o-.di of 
tho latter, goiiPivilly related to sceno3 in 
which ho had taken part— was rather of v 
miscellaneous character— and was well re- 
omvcil by our citizens. Col. Johnson is not 
an orator — but a man of strong mind ; and 
could not be said to boelnrjumt o\.-,.|,t when 
he was engaged in ivfuimg and donmincmg 
tho calumnies ofth-se who had omh avoic-d 
in d.-lmy the reputation of tho gr »ai and 

'"'^■'"l flal honoiH nl the bait'- . t "f , 


-n. 4'Vl! 'l" wuh° 1 fty ' tl,e - Wl ' ig9 

RA[,sHir, and [[io.-c: ot hi? <dd , ■ 
i arms. If his words did not fall like 

n^ain reiioiru.--.] ins ^trHi>.nonls in r...'-,rd 
11." il.'CM^I I'.VTKlOr. Suldiilj; 
STATI-ISMAN, (ion. Harrison. 

of the party. They 

*"m. It is true, they eay ll 

)B ; but they do not rogan 

here by tho loaders 
>y Ihey will support 

ty— and if a poll wcro to bo bold by the 

Presidency, ho wonh.l loavr nil his oo Tj 
['-J'""- t.'r in liic r,,y. ^ </„i. j 0H ,- Sl 

r Shelby. 

l\ MiI.I,Ko\S 

The "confidence" of our opponents is 
y acquired. Two years and a half f 

Mi. I i. I I. n «ns a mIii... At lh- -o-^„.r 

3 has adopted tho only mei 
by joining our opponent?. That Ihey should 

In., ii.n.k. ,-ur ,.,,,i [';. ,„,.:,;: 

What mi 

UWli p,,l|li,-;i| 

subjoot by one of its erui.hdale? foi 
idoocy, Hon. John C. Calhoun T" 

Journal Extra.